Sonntag, 21. April 2019

Philosophy Unbound #24 - MAKING KIN

I am very happy to announce that - as Philosophy Unbound - we will be organizing our second festival. After New Delhi last year, this time we will hold it in Vienna, the city were our collective first started from. The topic will be devoted to Donna Haraway's concept of MAKING KIN and it will take place at Schikaneder from 24th to 26th of May 2019. 
Afterwards the festival will continue in the location of the other collective I am involved in: Stoffwechsel - Ecologies of Collaboration will perform a "thought collective"in the 4 days after the festival from 27th to 30th of May!

Make kin, not babies - this is Donna Haraway’s appeal in times of growing ecological and political devastation. Make kin in unhinged times! Philosophy Unbound invites you to think together about community, new commitments and alliances beyond the traditional forms of family, patriarchy and established institutions. Who may consider whom family and in what context? Who is allowed to declare solidarity with whom? To team up? To rely on one another? And who is actually “fix zam”? 

In the radically new and catastrophic times which we’re trying to grasp with names like Anthropocene and Capitalocene, new forms of sharing the world, world-participation and response-ability are needed to enable the art of living and dying well for as many earthly critters as possible. How do we recollect ourselves on this poisoned, devastated, ruined planet? How do we want to imagine a common life and death beyond toxic norms? How can we create security and shelter beyond the biological family? How can queer ways of life reconcile us with the Chaosmos? How can newly created cooperations take a stand against resistance? And what happens if the newly established wants to dissolve again but can’t or isn’t allowed to? 

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Dienstag, 19. Februar 2019

Cultural Workers Unite! - Talk at Lothringer13, Munich

Abb: Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt (via Lothringer13)
This Thursday, Michael Hirsch an me will invite for a talk and discussion with the title "Cultural Workers Unite!" at Kunsthalle Lothringer13 in Munich. In it, we will present our ongoing reflections on the invention of utopian horizons for the art world (which could then radiate into other social fields). To overcome cynical submission to existing norms of sense- and value-production, we believe it is necessary to propose new narrative practices and new utopian ideas to live the good life. We will present two concrete proposals (one of which has already been published here) and will give a general framework on how to approach living the good life (even under terrible existing conditions) by way of alternative narrations of our sensory- as well as symbolic regimes.

Abb: Peter Ravn (via Lothringer13)

The talk will take place within the exhibition "Ne travaillez assez, ne comptez jamais" which presents selected artistic positions on the relation of money and artistic practices.

Cultural Workers Unite!  
21.02.19 / 19:00h / 7:00pm
Lothringer13 Halle
Lothringer Str. 13
81667 München

Montag, 28. Januar 2019

Die Clubmaschine - Hamburg Release

Monday next week we'll have our next and fourth book release of Die Clubmaschine. This time in the newly rebuilt Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg! Like in Berlin, we will be accompanied with a Post-Club sound intervention by wonderful Ånsgar and afterwards there will be Trauma Team #18 with Tanita Olbrich. See you there!

Die Clubmaschine (Release)
4.2.2019 20.30
Golden Pudel - Sankt Pauli, Fischmarkt 27, 20359 Hambourg

Freitag, 11. Januar 2019

"Nietzsche & ökologische Vernunft - Nietzsche nutzen im Anthropozän" @ Berliner Nietzsche Colloquium (BNC)

For those of you interested in what I am researching on for already six years and what will - hopefully - be released under the title "Affirmation of Ecological Reason" in a couple of years, there is a chance to see me presenting a chapter from this project at the Berliner Nietzsche Colloquium (BLC) next Wednesday. Under the title "Nietzsche & ökologische Vernunft - Nietzsche nutzen im Anthropozän" I will present how we can use Nietzsche productively in eco-sophical discourses around the Anthropocene. The presentation will be held in German and you are all cordially invited!

16. Jan. 2019, 18h
Kilian Jörg (Universität Wien): 
Nietzsche & ökologische Vernunft. Nietzsche nutzen im Anthropozän 
Wednesday, 18h (ct), TU Berlin, Hauptgebäude (Str. des 17. Juni 135), Raum H7112

Full program here 

Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2019

Die Clubmaschine Release on 10th of January in Berlin

"Die Clubmaschine" - Release
10th of January 2019, 20h
Antiquariat Kalligramm
Oranienstraße 28, 10999 Berlin

Montag, 10. Dezember 2018

Männerwelt @ Philosophy Unbound #23 - A Thousand Masculinities

At the next philosophy unbound, "A Thousand Masculinities" I will present some ideas of a chapter (titles "Männerwelt" of my next upcoming book "Backlash - Essays zur Resilienz der Moderne" which will appear at Textem in 2019.

Philosophy Unbound #23 will take place on 19th of December 2018 @ Sprizer im Odeon, 1020 Vienna
more information:

Donnerstag, 15. November 2018

Clubmaschine Release @ Harry Klein Munich, 24.11.2018

Saturday the 24th we'll have the second release event of our book "Die Clubmaschine" - this time in Munich's Harry Klein. We will be supported by our wonderful friends Larissa and Lena on the DJ-Decks and there will be cheap food for all! After the reading (approx. 21h), Alinka will be on the decks and tps nostromo will do visuals until Bavaria’s bizarre Tanzverbot is taking action at 2h! Happy Totensonntag!

Flyer design & illustrations by Amelie Lihl

And btw: we have just published an Interview about the book in Vanguardist!