Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2017

Two German newspaper articles on Alf Hornborg's Basic Income Model

In the last weeks Jorinde Schulz and me have published two articles on Alf Hornborgs Basic Income Model in German newspapers. We both think that this model, which can be found outlined by himself in English here, solves most of the open problems of the much discussed issue and opens the way towards a new social contract that could help solve our ecological problems at the same time as our social ones.

A longer, more argumentative article was published in Berliner Gazette on 15th of November and is titled "Radikal pragmatisch: Grundeinkommen und lokale Währung zusammendenken"

A shorter commentary article which contextualizes this concept in the contemporary German political landscape was published in taz on 30th of November and is titled "Wenn, dann radikal"