Montag, 16. September 2019

Blocking the streets with SUVs

I was able to write a guest-commentary in - what I at least believed to be - Austria's rather conservative newspaper Die Presse, in which I talk about hope in the new ecological movements such as Fridays For Future, Extinction Rebellion, Ende Gelände and denounce an all too comfortable position of criticism towards them. Reproaching them of not living the right kind of lifestyle themselves does not at all understand the nature of the ecological problem we are facing and way too easily aligns itself with the ecologically destructive status quo we have to overcome. Nobody will be able to live the right kind of life style if we do not change our societal and economic organization radically. Blocking the streets with SUVs is better than grumpily continuing to use them to maintain the catastrophoic normality.

You can read the article here.

Dienstag, 10. September 2019

Disruptive Intervention at the Viennese Rathaus

As Philosophy Unbound we have been invited to creatively disrupt the normal ongoings of "Schwarzmarkt Wissen / Blackmarket Knowledge" having its 20th edition on "Rotes Wien / Red Vienna" on the 28th of September 2019 at the Viennese Rathaus.

To reflect the hidden presumptions and exclusions of (Habermas'ian) discourse ethics, we will investigate the corporeality of "rational" argumentation, how the skin of an argumentative opponent feels different to one you agree with, how a subject position any holder of an argument needs to acquire is subverted by bodily touch and ... cuddling. We are very much looking forward to invite you into our lustrous, fleshy and smelly underground cave behind the scenes and stages of Schwarzmarkt Wissen.

The full program folder can be found here & more information here.

Feel you at the Viennese Rathaus!

Dienstag, 20. August 2019

Buchrelease "Es gibt ein richtiges Leben im Falschen" von Michael Hirsch

I am organizing a book release event for my good friend Michael Hirsch in Vienna's Migrating Kitchen on 7.9.2019 and will contribute with a little intervention on undergrounds and utopias. See you there!

Wenn die Änderung der Welt ausbleibt und mit der Zeit eher unwahrscheinlicher als wahrscheinlicher wird (und darin liegt wohl eine entscheidende Erfahrung unserer Zeit) – was sollen wir dann tun? Wenn die Emanzipation aufgeschoben ist, was nützt uns dann das Bewusstsein des Falschen? Müsste man dann nicht Adornos ethisch-politische Postulate noch genauer reformulieren: Es bleibt uns nichts anderes übrig, als, im Allgemeinen wie im Besonderen, nach Formen oder Spuren des richtigen Lebens zu suchen – und zwar im Bewusstsein der Unmöglichkeit, aber eben auch der Möglichkeit des Unmöglichen.
Buchpräsentation von Michael Hirsch mit Gastbeitrag von Kilian Jörg aus Die Clubmaschine (Berghain - mit Jorinde Schulz, Textem 2018) zum Thema untergründige Utopien und utopischer Untergrund.
7.9.2019 - Migrating Kitchen - Schwarzhorngasse 1 / Ecke Bacherplatz, 1050 Wien

Zum Autor:
Michael Hirsch ist Philosoph und Politikwissenschaftler. Er lehrt politische Theorie und Ideengeschichte an der Universität Siegen und lebt als freier Autor in München. Im Textem Verlag erschien bereits: Logik der Unterscheidung. 10 Thesen zu Kunst und Politik, 2015.

Freitag, 2. August 2019

E-Scooters .... Eco-Capitalism

I have written an article for taz - die Tageszeitung in which I argue that E-Scooter Sharing Services are paradigmatic for what can be called "Eco-Capitalism" - a strategy of "green washing" capitalism that is far from sustainable since it maintains and even aggravates its fundamental destructiveness. To keep the layer of garbage that humans like to call the "Anthropocene" as thin as possible, we should get rid of them as soon as we can.

The article can be found here.

(Update from 8/8/19) A couple of days later I was invited by Deutschlandfunk Kultur to elaborate on my arguments against this new form of Eco-Capitalism and expand on urban mobility utopias and how to get there - I am very happy about these ideas being distributed on the German public radio - more on this can be found in my upcoming book Backlash - Essays zur Resilienz der Moderne, appearing this autumn...

Hear the Podcast here.

Plus: as a little add-on: actually, E-Scooters already existed 100 YEARS ago and also back then they have been an economical failure. History keeps repeating itself & it sometimes is stunning to me how blinded we are by a linear idea of "technological progress". For more, read this & thanks to Y.P.I.R. for alerting me to this.

A suffragette riding an E-Scooter in 1916 (!)

Samstag, 13. Juli 2019

What are queer Heteros?

Reacting to Larissa Kunert's critique of our book Die Clubmaschine (Berghain), I have asked myself what the self-designation "queer heteros" could positively mean. Following Karan Barad and Judith Butler, I argue for something that could be called universal queerness, transcending sexuality and hopefully helping us to overcome modern estrangement from a fundamentally queer universe.

The Article was published in Berliner Gazette yesterday and - since I am well aware that this is a very tricky and difficult terrain for a white man like myself - I am very excited for reactions and discussion.

* The photo is taken from this beautiful collection of microscope images from the Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition 2012. I do not own the rights.

Freitag, 21. Juni 2019

Performing as part of "The Unconditional University" @ Angewandte Festival "Openings" on 25th of June 2019

It has been rather silent on this blog in recent times. I am busy on various projects such as the upcoming exhibition "Toxic Temple" with Anna Lerchbaumer, my PhD-project "Affirmation of Ecological Reasons", the preparation of my upcoming book "Backlash - Essays zur Resilienz der Moderne" (Textem, fall 2019) and several articles. More on all this soon.

For now I would like to announce that I am part of a performance on the "Unconditional University" (Derrida's term) led by Susanne Granzer and Arno Böhler as part of the Angewandte Festival "Openings". I will contribute with reflections on silence, cooling and ecology and it will take place on Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz in Vienna next Tuesday, 16h. See you there!

Die unbedingte Universität. Kunstbasiertes Philosophieren
Arno Böhler mit Susanne Valerie Granzer

Studierende des Studienprogramms CDS und Philosophiestudierende haben sich zusammengeschlossen, um eine Deklaration zu verfassen, in der sie eine „unbedingte Universität“ fordern, die die Welt nicht nur beschreibt, sondern sich in Forschung und Lehre aktiv zur Welt verhält. Sie gehen auf die Straße, wo sie auf heftigen Widerstand treffen. Eine Gruppe, die sich „Identitäre Platoniker“ nennt, wirft ihnen vor, altehr-würdige Begriffe wie „Identität“, „Objektivität“, „Wahrheit“ zu verraten.

Sonntag, 21. April 2019

Philosophy Unbound #24 - MAKING KIN

I am very happy to announce that - as Philosophy Unbound - we will be organizing our second festival. After New Delhi last year, this time we will hold it in Vienna, the city were our collective first started from. The topic will be devoted to Donna Haraway's concept of MAKING KIN and it will take place at Schikaneder from 24th to 26th of May 2019. 
Afterwards the festival will continue in the location of the other collective I am involved in: Stoffwechsel - Ecologies of Collaboration will perform a "thought collective"in the 4 days after the festival from 27th to 30th of May!

Make kin, not babies - this is Donna Haraway’s appeal in times of growing ecological and political devastation. Make kin in unhinged times! Philosophy Unbound invites you to think together about community, new commitments and alliances beyond the traditional forms of family, patriarchy and established institutions. Who may consider whom family and in what context? Who is allowed to declare solidarity with whom? To team up? To rely on one another? And who is actually “fix zam”? 

In the radically new and catastrophic times which we’re trying to grasp with names like Anthropocene and Capitalocene, new forms of sharing the world, world-participation and response-ability are needed to enable the art of living and dying well for as many earthly critters as possible. How do we recollect ourselves on this poisoned, devastated, ruined planet? How do we want to imagine a common life and death beyond toxic norms? How can we create security and shelter beyond the biological family? How can queer ways of life reconcile us with the Chaosmos? How can newly created cooperations take a stand against resistance? And what happens if the newly established wants to dissolve again but can’t or isn’t allowed to? 

For more information see