Freitag, 10. September 2021

Performative Lecture @Parking Day of im_flieger


17th of September is International PARK(ing) Day and I have been invited by wonderful im_flieger to give a little performative lecture about the implicit sensory normalization of our urban public spaces and performative interventions to break with them / reflect them critically. I will talk about my book Backlash - Essays zur Resilienz der Moderne and my performance research with David Kummer Diverting the Public Space. Afterwards, there will be a cooking performance by Joanna Zabielska and Christoph E. Bus! Drop by a take back the street with us! <3   

More information here.

Montag, 6. September 2021

Baustellenbesetzung gegen den Bau der Lobau-Autobahn

Since last Monday brave activists are blocking and occupying the construction of the Lobau-highway - a crazy dinosaur-modernist project (its original name was in fact "Reichsautobahn" and yes - it was first designed in this awful time) that seeks to build a highway through Vienna's only National park. 

That this has to be stopped is of course no question - and so I invite everybody in and around Vienna to come to the climate camp, show our solidarity and occupy with us! The climate camp itself is actually really nice to hang out - you can find it at Anfanggasse 2 in 1220 Vienna.  

On Thursday and Friday, 11-13h me and my friend Johannes Siegmund from Philosophy Unbound will hold little philosophical lectures on climate issues. I will talk about the Utopia of the car-free world (Friday), and Johannes about the relation of climate change, migration and racism (Thursday). Come bye and bring your tent - there is still a lot of space and the weather is nice! 

Mittwoch, 1. September 2021

Guest appearance @ Ö1 Radiokolleg "Das spekulative Zeitalter"


Next week I will have a guest appearance in Austria's first national radio station, at the Ö1 Radiokolleg on "Das spekulative Zeitalter" ("The speculative age"), made by the wonderful Julia Grillmayr. 

I will talk briefly about speculation as an artistic and philosophical strategy in and beyond the Anthropocene (as in my project Toxic Temple) and about the relation of conspiracy theories and a generally acknowledged need for speculative story-telling. By this I try to develop an approach of thinking with (as opposed to: against) conspiracy theories that is more productive than "mere" reactionary debunking in the tradition of an old notion of enlightenment ("Aufklärung") - later this year I will also give a lecture on this topic at the Lectures for Future in Vienna together with Johannes Kaminski - stay tuned. 

You can listen to Ö1 Radiokolleg either online here or at 92.00 wavelength on the earthly territory many humanoids call "Austria from 9:05-9:30 Monday to Thursday next week. 

Freitag, 13. August 2021

Philosophy Unbound #29 - Hin Fort Bewegung @F23 on 21st of August 2021

In collaboration with Rhizomatic Circus, Untere Willkyr and One Mess Gallery Philosophy Unbound will hold its 29th edition unter the title of "Hin Fort Bewegung" at the wonderful space of F23 in Vienna's outskirts. We have put together a formidable performance, film and installation program about the topics of mobility, movement, space and its appropriation and cordially invite you to join us there on the 21st of August!

More information here.

With we will also do some installations and site-specific interventions in the context of the event.

Montag, 26. Juli 2021

Diverting the Public Space - some images


For more information on the past event see here.

We will do our next intervention on the 4th of August, from 17h-20h at Oranienstraße in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Meeting & Melting Point: Antiquariat Kalligramm. Supported by: Volksentscheid Berlin Autofrei.

Photo Credits: Sabrina Bühn and Franzi Kreis/im_flieger

Freitag, 9. Juli 2021

"Klimawandel in Bildern" @Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Lakonisch Elegant

Yesterday I was invited to discuss the mediatization of the climate catastrophe with filmmaker Zara Zandieh at Deutschlandfunk Kultur's "Lakonisch, Elegant". We discussed what the (potentially heteronormative & reactionary) impact of Hollywood-like images of catastrophe might be and how an ethics of inter-relational, postcolonial and queer story-telling needs to be developed to devise an engaging discussion of the ongoing climate catastrophe.

Listen to it here.

*Disclaimer: in the heat of discussion (and the actual hot weather) I claimed that China rudimentarily also developed a concept of "Nature" similar to that of European modernity. This, however, was a mistake, at least judging from the interpretation of Francois Jullien on that matter. I apologize!

Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2021

DIVERTING THE PUBLIC SPACE - mit David Kummer @Im_Flieger

Next week I am honored to be able to performatively research and work with David Kummer on a topic I have so far mainly touched in theoretical (as in my Backlash-book) and interventionist / activist manners: that of the transformation of our public space as the "smallest unit" of our anthropogenic environmental entanglement.

Diverting the Public Space (by David Kummer & Kilian Jörg)

We are entangled with the spaces around us. We are the public, we have our spaces.
The public space enables us and limits us - it makes us what we are. 
But, in times of ecological turmoil, are our spaces changing fast enough with us? Do they adapt (us) well to the new chaotic climates of the Earth? Or do they make us stuck in the values and practices of an old, fossil fueled and consumerist way of life?
Space is inert. We tend to become inert with it. 
How can we engage it to change - with - us - and the world ?

Through a spectrum of shared bodily practices in public space, we seek to enable new modes of action and perception, which should lead to a self-empowerment of the participants and an invitation to dialogue and engagement with pedestrians. Together, old patterns of movement in public space will be questioned and a new playful and at the same time  critical physicality will be explored. The developed and guided scores shall give the possibility to inscribe oneself deeply into the public space in a different way and to practice and experience a choreographic perception. The space, being transformed into a versatile adventure playground (for big and small), is meant to open utopian windows of possibility for a different "fusion" with our human-made, urban environment and the questioning of its norms.

After our week-long research we will do a public presentation on Friday the 16th of July 2021 at 17h at Im_Flieger, Bräuhausgasse 40, 1050 Vienna. More information (in German and English) here.