Mittwoch, 1. April 2015

mosque - gleinenen

For now almost a year I am - in collaboration with Oskar May - working on a new musical project, which - for me personally - is actually the most promising musical endeavour I have ever undertaken so far. Oskar is mainly responsible for beats, base- and synthlines, while I am mixing, looping and alienating field recordings I collected all over the world. Together this forms voyages, which go beyond the classical field recording, for they do have more or less conventional song structures, but also exceed the classical electronic track. It does have many - more or less intentional - allusions to philosophical, political and other themes and does nonetheless incorporate aleatoric strategies as well.
We call ourselves mosque and below you can find the first track ever which goes public. Please give us feedback and if you are interested in having us perform live somewhere, please let us know - we just decided that we now want to go in that direction.

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