Donnerstag, 24. September 2015

Philosophy Unbound #5 "Reclaim Capitalism" - 1/10/2015 @Spektakel & Celeste Vienna

In a week Philosophy Unbound #5 will happen. This time we try to reclaim capitalism and the full program just went online - we are very excited!

“Reclaim capitalism” is the motto for Philosophy Unbound #5 on the 1st of October. 
Think with us, discuss with us, reclaim capitalism with us and then PartyParty hard like Philosophers do!

Spektakel, Hamburgerstraße 14, 1050 Wien
Open: 19:00, Begin: 20:00
Entry: Free Donation (suggested donation 5 Euro, we are a no budget organisation, everything will go to the performers)

Performances by

Fabio und Felix Gerhold – Die Gebrüder Angebot und Nachfrage
Fides Schopp – Rainbow it Over
Interndinner – Extremely Precarious Limbo
Julia Schicker – Pushing Glencore
Karolina Preuschl – Smash the Baby on the Floor
Eckardt Lindner - Acceleration-Speed-Energy. This side and beyond capitalist realism
Open stage

Afterparty with

Prince Africunt x so-slow phist x Vanilla Spice Latte (HATE ☯ HATE SQUAD)

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