Donnerstag, 26. November 2015

No Pain No Gain @ Philosophy On Stage #4, TQ Vienna, 26-29/11/2015

Philosophy Unbound has been invited to do a performance at Philosophy on Stage #4 and after some brainstorming we decided to investigate into the links between Nietzsche's will-affirming, Übermensch-creating thought and today's Fitness Studio-culture. In corporal experimentation, Nietzsche's texts and - especially - Sloterdijk's interpretation of them we found plenty of parallels which we forged into a performance, that can be seen tomorrow and Saturday - 27th and 28th of November at 23h at the Studios of Tanzquartier Vienna. The PoS#4-Festival is officially sold-out, but we have been told, that you still might be able to access our performance, given that it is rather late and some festival-ticket-holders might already go to sleep after a long day. We hope to see you there and here's a little teaser, of what will be awaiting you.

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