Montag, 18. Januar 2016

"The Anti-Chameleon and its reason(s)" Talk on 22/1/16 at Galerie de l'ERG, Bruxelles

This Friday, the 22nd of January 2016, I will give a little talk at the "Philosophy in the Dark"-Series of Galerie de l'ERG. The talk will be held in the complete dark and I'll use this to relate to you my love affairs with critics and the chameleon, which led me to become the Anti-Chameleon. In other words: I will propose a method of subversion, that is not necessarily critical, but tries to combine affirmation and critique in hopefully evading the downsides of both. I will demonstrate that the strategy of the Anti-Chameleon can be found in artistic strategies like those of The Yes! Men or Lars von Trier and will talk a little about its epistemological foundations, problems and limitations. 
The talk is based on Jorinde Schulz' and my text "Das Anti-Chamäleon" and will be held in English. 

"The Anti-Chameleon and its reason(s)" 
16h, Galerie de l'ERG
Rue de Page 87, 
1050 Ixelles

Hope to see you on Friday for a wonderful session of becoming-animal in the dark!

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