Dienstag, 22. November 2016

Philosophy Unbound #13 "Back to the Future > Europe" on 30th of November 2016 at Flutgraben Berlin

November 30th @ Flutgraben Berlin
Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin
Doors 7:30 pm  // Start 20 pm

This time we will spotlight a continent in motion: Europe.
In an attempt to move beyond conservative fantasies and eurocentric reflexes, we inquire after the utopian histories, possible futures and instable actualities of this contested territory.
Let’s reach out far - and come back soon: Back to the future.

Sara Zaltash (artist, Bristol)
Saud Al-Zaid (researcher, Berlin)
Ricardo Domeneck (poet, Berlin)
Brigitte Wilfing (performer, Vienna)
PhiloMeta (mc’s, Hamburg)

Jana Falcon
Fernando Johansson
Kilian Jörg

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