Samstag, 1. April 2017

Love and Hate - Philosophy Unbound #15

Next Thursday, the 6th of April 2017, Philosophy Unbound will have its 15th edition with the title "Love and Hate"


- Cléo Tabakian: tba
- Frieda Paris und Lukas Katzer: the    Ballade of _&_
- Georg Eckmayr: tba
- Jad al Mubaraki: BAGHDADI
- Nicole Sabella & Maria Christina Hilber: SPINNEFEIND
- Sonja Riegler und Antoine Quintard: Il faut danser l'amour.

How is our love organized? How do we canalize our feelings of hatred? And: What is love? In (queer-) feminist love relationships we free our desire and seek new forms of relationships. Are we driven by our emotions – do we control them ourselves? Or have the algorithms of Tinder and the social media taken over that task a long time ago? When we like and confirm things, we glide through emotional capitalism that is sparked by longings and emotions without any resistance. Who profits from our emotions? Who deserves our emotions?
Lustful/boring has become our guideline. Love and hatred are lustful, whereas we consider the overtones, that do not directly stimulate us, to be boring.

Doors: 19h
Start: 20h

Afterparty at Celeste (free donations)
- Soundküche (Graz/Wien)
- Luca b2b Windom (Mellow Heat, Wien)

Entry: Free Donation - Suggestion 5€ (we are a No-Budget Organisation: everything will go to the performers)

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