Donnerstag, 14. September 2017

Two publications in the recent "engagée #5 - Maschine-Werden"

The beautiful magazine engagée ("für politisch-philosophische Einmischungen") just released its 5th edition (titled, incidentally, Maschine-Werden) and this time I am involved in two publications.

1) together with Sabina Holzer (and this time: Jack Hauser) and as part of Stoffwechsel - Ecologies of Cooperation I am experimenting with a new form of interactive writing we call "reactions". For this, we go to lectures of thinkers we are interested in and afterwards try to put the resulting humming of our heads into a more lyrically than logically operating text: in this method, we try to find a sound behind interesting theories. In this first result, entitled "Gaia, sie liebt mich, sie liebt mich nicht - eine Reaktion auf Alf Hornborgs Wienbesuch zu Machines as Machinations" we reacted to Alf Hornborgs visit to our laboratory in Vienna. More reactions to other lecturers will follow!

2) In a presentation of Hito Steyerl's installation Factory of the Sun, an excerpt of my publication "be part of the problem, not the solution" was republished.

The texts are not yet online. The magazine can be ordered here.

with love from Gaia.

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