Montag, 9. Oktober 2017

Stoffwechsel public lab - 10th to 25th of October

From tomorrow on I will be part of the two week-long "Stoffwechsel-Werkstatt"

"After 2 years of artistic research the artists disclose their various artistic approaches and cordially invite you to visit and enter into dialogue with them during their research. This time the focus of attention is radically directed to the mutual permeations of various material and immaterial forms: How does art reflect? How does reflection with materials show in and through that material? How does this influence our social relationship patterns? And how can another concept of the world and its potentials of togetherness be made tangible and accessible to an audience?"

By and with Alfred Lenz (AT), Anita Kaya (AT), Axel Brom (AT), Claudia Heu (AT), Jack Hauser (AT), Kilian Jörg (AT/DE), Lisa Hinterreithner (AT), Sabina Holzer (AT), TE -R (Thomas Wagensommerer (AT) & Louise Linsenbolz (DE)), Yasmin Ritschl (DE/GB).

Furthermore, Arno Böhler & Susanne Granzer (AT), Brigid Roth (IRL), Elisabeth Schäfer (AT), Mariella Greil (AT), Nikolaus Gansterer (AT) are invited to
participate in the exchange with their artistic interventions. 

From October 10-25, 2017 (except Sat) // 4pm-9pm
Visit any time/ Free admission
Location: Im_flieger @ SCHUTZHAUS ZUKUNFT auf der Schmelz, 1150 Vienna
Public transport: U3 -> Johnstraße,
Bus 10A / 12A ->Auf der Schmelz, 48A -> Camillo-Sitte-Gasse,
Tram 9 -> Guntherstraße

more information on 

furthermore there will be a reading of the ongoing collaborative texts with Sabina Holzer and me on the 16th of October. More soon. 

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