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Philosophy Unbound #22: Radical Cities

After a longer, creative pause, Philosophy Unbound is back in Vienna with it's 22nd Edition! We've used this almost one year long phase of Viennese hibernation to rework on our concept and make it more interactive and outgoing. I think, our next Edition on "Radical Cities" - in collaboration with engagée Magazine, will be a great step forward and I hope to see many of you there. (I myself will be involved twice with a city walk and a little Night Lecture about the StVO. See you on Friday!


Philosophy Unbound #22: Radical Cities 

18.05.2018 // 18:30h - Citywalk - 19:30h - Programm im Raum D
@ Raum D / Q21 im Museumsquartier, Wien

Cities are spaces full of contradictions: repression, surveillance and neoliberalism concentrate in them but at the same time they promise emancipation, innovation and social experimentation. “Radical Cities” will stage this contradictions in Vienna. The night will start with performances in public spaces in between Haus des Meeres and Mariahilfer street and then move on to Raum D in Museumsquartier. 

  • Kilian Jörg: „Stadt Sprechen Raum Lesen“  - Citywalk (18:30)
  • Steffi Neuhuber & David Hoffmann: Manifest
  • Alisa Beck: „Nein, eure Suppe ess ich nicht“ - Nebenwirkungen und Nachwehen widerständiger Praxis im mo.ë
  • Sandro Huber & Tizian Rupp: “Erleuchtung an und für sich“
  • Mads Floor Andersen & Sara Lanner: "Mosaic”
  • Hannah Maneck und Ivo Eichhorn: “Gallus beyond Gallus” (Film, Gießen/Offenbach 2017)
  • Gunnar Grandel: Raumstation
Installation/Publikation/Night Lectures

  • Anna Lerchbaumer & Klemens Kohlweis: Rauminstallation
  • engagée #6/7: “Radical Cities - Rebel Democracy”, das neue Heft gratis/gegen freie Spende.
  • Night Lectures: Claudia Heu (LA Tent Cities), Flora Löffelmann (De/Population) & Kilian Jörg (StVO)
Grafik: Oskar Mayböck

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