Freitag, 26. Februar 2016

Philosophy Unbound #8 - UN/BOUND @ Flutgraben Berlin, 29/2/16

For the second time we are bringing Philosophy Unbound to Berlin. On Monday, the 29th of February 2016 we'll reflect on what binds us and how we can unbind ourselves at Flutgraben Berlin:

"Unbinding philosophy, what could that mean? This time we want to look at the relations that bind us – the ties and attachments, affects and affiliations shaping individuals and moving collectives.

A contract fixing rights and duties, emotional entanglements holding us tight. Light signals running through glass-fibre cables promising connection, debt bonds powerfully taking away the future. Secret societies, bonds of shame, wedding rings, chains: Material and immaterial bonds run through our lives, simulate security, distribute power.

How are the strings attached? The libidinous united? And how do processes of unraveling, unchaining, dissolution work?
Which bonds suffocate and crush? Which ones empower us and which ones do we need to reinvent?"

Performances by //

Petra Nachtmanova
Roland Bolz
Maru Mushtrieva
Jorinde Schulz & Kilian Jörg
Tessa Huging
Max Oravin
Mari Laaksonen

DJ // Fernando Johansson Will

Textschublade // reading corner with selected texts
Büchertisch // Antiquariat Kalligramm

@ Flutrgaben Berlin, Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin
Doors: 19h

Entry: Free Donation (we are a no budget organisation – all money goes to the performers)
more information:

Excited to see you on Monday!

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