Montag, 23. Mai 2016

Philosophy Unbound #10 - (Dis)placement - 31/5/2016 @ Spektakel & Celeste Vienna

Philosophy Unbound will have its 10th edition on the 31st of May! This time it will be on and around (Dis)placement. Find below the wonderful call & the invitation.

Human beings, always in motion. Odysseys and exoduses in myths, emigration of nations in history and nomad life in the biology of evolution. And where do we place ourselves? Which privileges come hand in hand with certain positioning - and how can they be reflected upon and redistributed?
Displacement means deferral, expulsion and eviction. But also replacement, depositioning and distance. Already Marx saw Capitalism as a moving spirit for the dis-placement of humans: as a disappropriation of the rural population in the early modern age, as an eviction from the own land. A deterritorialization. A new placement followed, a reterritorialization of the destitute farmers in the city factories. Machines are invented and Columbus sails to ’America’: displacement of those, who lived there before. At the same time, venture capitalists expand the boundaries of the western world, globalization only seems a few algorithms away.
Displacement can be ent-setzlich (horrid): on perilous routes through deserts, seas and across borders. It can end in camps and prisons, with a suspension of law, in a state of emergency.
But displacement also unleashes subversive powers, it can replace what is established. Literature flourishes in exile, new voices are being heard, colorful, different characters cover the walls. When the unimagined converges, displacement can even become political movement.

Philosophy Unbound #10 will explore the term (Dis)placement in its various forms and interpretations. It will take place on the 31/5/2016 at Spektakel & Celeste Vienna (Hamburger Straße 14 & 18, 1050 Vienna).

Performances at SPEKTAKEL by:
My Sjöberg (perfomance in English)
Robert Prosser (performance in German)
Jad Al Mubaraki (performance in English)
Sandro Huber, Flora Püspök, Sarah Dragovic (performance in German)
Murched Mhanna (musical performance)
Flora Löffelmann, Johannes Siegmund, Oskar May (performance in German)
Hui Ye (video installation)
Anonymes Kollektiv
Open Stage!

Afterparty at Celeste (free donation)
Musik by Mr.M

Doors: 19h
Start: 20h
Entry: Free Donation - Suggestion 5€ (we are a No-Budget Organisation: everything will go to the performers)

More Information tba.
Facebook event

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