Mittwoch, 7. Juni 2017

Talk "Different perspectives on materials" at Das Weiße Haus on 9/5/17 at 15h

On Friday I will have a talk on the role of technology together with Johannes Wittman, Clemens Rettenbacher, Johanna Folkmann and Rosie Benn. It will take place at Das Weiße Haus (Hegelgasse 14, 1010 Vienna) at around 15h this Friday, 9/7/17. Find the entire program of the day below: 

Circuit Training - Accompanying program on 9/7/17:

An afternoon of talks and performancesreflecting on questions concerning the exhibited projects. Chaired by Brishty Alam and Valerie Deifel.

Session I 14:00–17:00

Chronicae Aetatis Hominum Physicorum   
Reading. Introduction of the science-fiction book by Júlia Mag.
On the road to supersymmetry
Lecture by Helmut Eberl (particle physicist, HEPHY). Organised by Andrea Vezga.
An introduction to supersymmetry topics picked out by Eberl from the exhibited projects.   

How real is real – What ophthalmology tells us   
Presentation by Christoph Mitsch (ophthalmologist, Medical University Vienna). In relation to 'Reality' by Denise Schellmann.   
How much of what we see is real and how much is constructed? A talk on the anatomical, biological, neurological and pathological aspects that have significant influence on our visual perception of reality.
Different perspectives on materials   
Talks by Johannes Wittman (engineer, HEPHY), Kilian Jörg (philosopher/artist) and Clemens Rettenbacher (TBA21).
A reflection on the research film 'The State of The Observer' by Johanna Folkmann and Rosie Benn.   
A discussion exploring different perspectives on the ethics of technology, materiality and the entanglement of a globalised world system.   

Session II 17:30–19:30

Broadening the horizons of 'extra dimensions'   
Talks by Eni Brandner (animator), Gregor Schwellenbach (musician) and Matthias Fink (architect).   
In relation to 'Umkehren um 180 oder 360 Grad!!' by Golnaz Bashiri.   
Everyday experiences of 'extra-dimensions' across different locations.

Thinking about sound-image relations in film through Vlado Kristl
Lecture performance by Marina Rebhandl and Valerie Deifel (film theorist).   
In relation to 'All Beginnings from Before' by Marina Rebhandl.   
A collage of theoretical notions on sound-image relations presented alongside a film from Vlado Kristl, a Croatian experimental filmmaker working between the 1950s and 2000s.
Accelerating Silence   
Live sound set by Masha Dabelka (sound artist) in response to 'Circuit Game' by Natalia Gurova.
Musical performance based on processed abstracts of recorded interviews with CERN scientists taken by Natalia Gurova.   
Drinks & Performances 19:30

Circuit game-play tour (20-30 min)
by Natalia Gurova.   
Pic du Pursuit (Until closing)    
One-to-one performance
by Lala Nomada.  

More Information here and here.

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