Donnerstag, 8. Juni 2017

the lure of modernism

"How do the machines bewitch us?
In his installation the lure of modernism, Kilian Jörg explores the blurry border between fear and ecstasy, adrenaline and endorphins and finds a sensual metaphor for our contemporary situation. Although we know that our frantic machine of permanent progress will most likely end up being lethal for most of humanity, we still stick with it. We know we have to change, but we cannot. To better understand this dangerous standstill, the installation invites the spectator to inhale the dirt of the machine with joy."

From 15th to 22nd of June I am presenting my installation the lure of modernism at Expositur Hohenstaufengasse 9, SR 94 on the fifth floor. The main actor of the installation will be Carbon Monoxide, accompanied by a power engine, a leaves blower, an LED board and loads of garbage. I cordially invite you to visit the exhibition and to feel the lure of modernism with your own body*.

The installation will be open from
15th to 22nd of June from 16-18h (or by appointment: kilian[at]jorg[dot]at)
at Expositur Hohenstaufengasse 9, 1010 Vienna, 5th floor, Seminarraum 94

*In the installation, controlled levels of the poisonous gas Carbon Monoxide will be emitted. You will be asked to sign a letter of informed consent for entering and are strongly dis-encouraged to enter if you are pregnant or have a heart condition. If this is not the case, the effects of the gas for the maximum stay of 10 minuted should have no negative effects.


Interacting Performance:

B Ajay Sharma: Holding your breath is equal to protest
On Sunday, 18th of June, Indian performance artist B Ajay Sharma will do a guest performance inside the installation. He will do an interactive piece on Yogic breathing techniques and air pollution. The Delhi - one of the most polluted cities of the world - resident is examining Swar Yoga to hold you breath in toxic environments.This training is a cynical reference to survival for in times of political turmoil, where people are suggested to buy oxygen masks and air filters to survive.

The performance will take place three times this Sunday, the 18th of June 2017. At 13h, 15h and 17h (duration 1.5 hours). Since there is limited capacity, it would be nice if you could pre-register to kilian[at]jorg[dot]at

Few general instructions:
1) Please do not drink alcohol on that that.
2) Please do not eat anything heavy for 2 hours prior to the performance.
3) Please bring a bottle of water.

*The installation the lure of modernism can also be seen during the breaks.


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