Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2018

"Stoffwechsel - Ecologies of Collaboration" @ SOHO in Ottakring-Festival 2018

In the third year of our transdisciplinary research project "Stoffwechsel - Ecologies of Collaboration" we decided to open up the format and visit festivals to engage with the public in a larger scheme. For this purpose, we will be present & researching during the whole span of the two week SOHO in Ottakring-Festival starting this Saturday! Drop by anytime during the opening hours - we will be there and happy to exchange!

My personal research topic will this time be the simple word "We" / "Wir", which somehow also had an explosive role within our research assemblage as well as it does on a larger political spectrum. After investigating on "reasons" / "Vernünfte" last time, I am organically transitioning to the "We". The German word "Vernunft" etymologically derives from "Vernehmen", which is not far from "Einvernehmen", the condition required behind a WE. I will engage with the environment of the festival (the Sandleitenhof, one of Vienna's oldest social housing projects) to investigate what could be a new kind of "Einvernehmen" to create a WE, that escapes the politically dangerous tendencies of a separation of "US" and "THEM". 

A short publication on the field of the "WIR" - written in collaboration with Yasmin Ritschl, who will continue to collaborate from the distance - can already be found here. More updates of the project coming soon!

Im_flieger In_Forschung

Sat 2. – Sun 17.6. 18 (except Mon, Thu) //  5 to 9 p.m
Altes Museum/Wäscherei at Sandleitenhof, Gomperzgasse 1–3, 1160 Wien

tram 10 & 2 -> station Liebknechtgasse

stffwchsl WERKSTATT #3 goes SOHO in Ottakring
- an artistic workshop wants to be visited and expend itself

In cooperation with Soho in Ottakring Festival “Jenseits des Unbehagens. Arbeiten an der Gemeinschaft."

stffwchsl WERKSTATT #3 is artistic workshop and work at the same time. 7 artists from different disciplines open their artistic practice and cordially invite the visitors to be part of their research and to enter into dialogue. We want to draw attention to the desire  for a “stable and ideal world” shared by all, and its always necessarily processual state. This potential conflict also influences the discussion of artistic practice:  the claim and the expectations of a work as process is opposed to that of a communicable product ready to be consumed by an audience. stffwchsl WERKSTATT #3 researches art as a practice of life and follows the conviction that sharing artistic processes (as a work of art) enhances our view of the world. How can a different understanding of the world and its potentials of community be experienced?

stffwchsl WERKSTATT #3 is part of the transmedia research project STOFFWECHSEL- Ecologies of Collaboration with differently involved artists and theoreticans, experimenting with structural and artistic entanglements.

Contributers: Alfred Lenz (AT), Anita Kaya (AT), Axel Brom (AT) & Claudia Heu (AT), Jack Hauser (AT), Kilian Jörg (AT) & Yasmin Ritschl (DE/UK), Lisa Hinterreithner (AT), Sabina Holzer (AT)
& guests:
Anton Tichawa (AT), David Ender (AT), Elisabeth Schäfer (AT), Michael Hirsch (DE), Réka Kutas (HU/AT) , TE -R / Thomas Wagensommerer (AT) & Louise Linsenbolz (DE/AT), Thomas Ballhausen (AT), a.o. are invited to participate in the exchange with artistic  and theoretical interventions.
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Sat 2.6.18 // 17-21: 00 // presentation publication stoffwechsel_artists * book / materials of the research process STOFFWECHSEL - Ecologies of Cooperation 2016/17/18

Sun 10.6.18 // 17:30 // Les Landes  - letters from trees to Hélène Cixous / Lecture Performance / Elisabeth Schäfer (AT) 

Wed 13.6.18 // 19:00 // UMHERZIEHEN / walk / Claudia Heu (AT) & Axel Brom (AT)

Thu 14.6.18 / 19:00 // Work, Art & a good life # 2 / Lecture & Conversation / Michael Hirsch (DE)

Fri 15.6.18 / 19:00 // CAT CALL / Sound Intervention / TE- R (Thomas Wagensommerer (AT) & Louise Linsenbolz (DE/AT))

Dienstag, 15. Mai 2018

Philosophy Unbound #22: Radical Cities

After a longer, creative pause, Philosophy Unbound is back in Vienna with it's 22nd Edition! We've used this almost one year long phase of Viennese hibernation to rework on our concept and make it more interactive and outgoing. I think, our next Edition on "Radical Cities" - in collaboration with engagée Magazine, will be a great step forward and I hope to see many of you there. (I myself will be involved twice with a city walk and a little Night Lecture about the StVO. See you on Friday!


Philosophy Unbound #22: Radical Cities 

18.05.2018 // 18:30h - Citywalk - 19:30h - Programm im Raum D
@ Raum D / Q21 im Museumsquartier, Wien

Cities are spaces full of contradictions: repression, surveillance and neoliberalism concentrate in them but at the same time they promise emancipation, innovation and social experimentation. “Radical Cities” will stage this contradictions in Vienna. The night will start with performances in public spaces in between Haus des Meeres and Mariahilfer street and then move on to Raum D in Museumsquartier. 

  • Kilian Jörg: „Stadt Sprechen Raum Lesen“  - Citywalk (18:30)
  • Steffi Neuhuber & David Hoffmann: Manifest
  • Alisa Beck: „Nein, eure Suppe ess ich nicht“ - Nebenwirkungen und Nachwehen widerständiger Praxis im mo.ë
  • Sandro Huber & Tizian Rupp: “Erleuchtung an und für sich“
  • Mads Floor Andersen & Sara Lanner: "Mosaic”
  • Hannah Maneck und Ivo Eichhorn: “Gallus beyond Gallus” (Film, Gießen/Offenbach 2017)
  • Gunnar Grandel: Raumstation
Installation/Publikation/Night Lectures

  • Anna Lerchbaumer & Klemens Kohlweis: Rauminstallation
  • engagée #6/7: “Radical Cities - Rebel Democracy”, das neue Heft gratis/gegen freie Spende.
  • Night Lectures: Claudia Heu (LA Tent Cities), Flora Löffelmann (De/Population) & Kilian Jörg (StVO)
Grafik: Oskar Mayböck

More Information tba @:

Samstag, 12. Mai 2018

Oskar Nimmt Platz

University of Applied Arts is occupying Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz for a week and I will be participating on Monday in a performance with my colleagues from Arno Böhler's Dissertation-colloquium and the class of Cross-Disciplinary Studies of Angewandte. Drop by! We will be starting at around 16:30!

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