Freitag, 12. Juni 2020

Talk on Deutschlandfunk Kultur on the "Autoregime" now online

Mein Gespräch über das Auto als Metapher der zu überkommenden Moderne und die Utopie einer autofreien Welt mit dem Deutschlandfunk Kultur ist nun hier online nachzuhören.

Die Thesen über das "Autoregime" sind natürlich in meinem Buch Backlash - Essays zur Reseilienz der Moderne genauer nachzulesen.

Freitag, 5. Juni 2020

Uncrowned Hope - Towards a postcoronal society

I am happy to announce that the trans-disciplinary project UNCROWNED HOPE - TOWARDS A POSTCORONAL SOCIETY has gone public. This project tries to seek and bring together utopian ecological potentials from manifold and international fields in the St. Pölten area for the coming years.
I have written the "Manifesto" which explains how we regard the so called "Corona crisis" as starting point to think about and experiment radically different ways of relating to our massively changing planet. "Postcoronal" hereby does not only refer to "after the Corona virus", but also for regarding humanity "after the Crown of Creation" which - in modern delusion - it believed to have.

You can find the manifesto in both German and English here - and many more contents will follow in the next months.

Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2020

"Backlash" appearing in Deutschlandfunk Kultur's "Lakonisch, Elegant" and Bookpresentation at Schikaneder tomorrow

The first two public appearances of my new book "Backlash - Essays zur Resilienz der Moderne" will happen tomorrow!

AUTOreferentiality via rbb
1)* at about 17h you will be able to listen to (and afterwards download) a conversation I had for Deutschlandfunk Kultur's "Lakonisch, Elegant" with Christine Watty and Johannes Nichelmann via Zoom in a drive-in cinema in the vast parking lots of Berlin's still unused mega-airport's BBI - what a more appropriate scenery could you think of? I will talk about what I call the "Autoregime" in my book, the problems of cars from subjective to economic and ecological levels and how they feed into the current socio-cultural Backlash.

*because of the recent importance of the Black Lives Matter Protest, the airing of the podcast has been postponed to Thursday next week...

2) starting at 20h15 (postponed from 19:30 because of the Black Lives Matter protests happening at 17h) I will present my book at Vienna's Schikaneder (Margaretenstraße 22-24, 1040 Wien). I will talk about the book, read a couple of passages and will - as a bonus - try to apply the ideas of the book on the current dangers of an even more severe Backlash in the aftermath of the Corona-crisis.

I am looking forward to good conversations and discussions tomorrow!