Samstag, 18. September 2021

Toxic Temple MESS - happening from 25th to 27th of September at Raum D, MQ Vienna

Dear practitioners of the wasteful lifestyle,
dear adherents of the too-large footprints
dear lovers of the toxic

it is time to celebrate a MESS

As part of the Toxic Temple project, we will celebrate a 60 hour non-stop performance from 25th-27th of September 2021, Raum D / Q21, Museumsquartier Vienna

Find more information at our homepage:

and the FB-Event.

See you there!

Freitag, 10. September 2021

Performative Lecture @Parking Day of im_flieger


17th of September is International PARK(ing) Day and I have been invited by wonderful im_flieger to give a little performative lecture about the implicit sensory normalization of our urban public spaces and performative interventions to break with them / reflect them critically. I will talk about my book Backlash - Essays zur Resilienz der Moderne and my performance research with David Kummer Diverting the Public Space. Afterwards, there will be a cooking performance by Joanna Zabielska and Christoph E. Bus! Drop by a take back the street with us! <3   

More information here.

Montag, 6. September 2021

Baustellenbesetzung gegen den Bau der Lobau-Autobahn

Since last Monday brave activists are blocking and occupying the construction of the Lobau-highway - a crazy dinosaur-modernist project (its original name was in fact "Reichsautobahn" and yes - it was first designed in this awful time) that seeks to build a highway through Vienna's only National park. 

That this has to be stopped is of course no question - and so I invite everybody in and around Vienna to come to the climate camp, show our solidarity and occupy with us! The climate camp itself is actually really nice to hang out - you can find it at Anfanggasse 2 in 1220 Vienna.  

On Thursday and Friday, 11-13h me and my friend Johannes Siegmund from Philosophy Unbound will hold little philosophical lectures on climate issues. I will talk about the Utopia of the car-free world (Friday), and Johannes about the relation of climate change, migration and racism (Thursday). Come bye and bring your tent - there is still a lot of space and the weather is nice! 

Mittwoch, 1. September 2021

Guest appearance @ Ö1 Radiokolleg "Das spekulative Zeitalter"


Next week I will have a guest appearance in Austria's first national radio station, at the Ö1 Radiokolleg on "Das spekulative Zeitalter" ("The speculative age"), made by the wonderful Julia Grillmayr. 

I will talk briefly about speculation as an artistic and philosophical strategy in and beyond the Anthropocene (as in my project Toxic Temple) and about the relation of conspiracy theories and a generally acknowledged need for speculative story-telling. By this I try to develop an approach of thinking with (as opposed to: against) conspiracy theories that is more productive than "mere" reactionary debunking in the tradition of an old notion of enlightenment ("Aufklärung") - later this year I will also give a lecture on this topic at the Lectures for Future in Vienna together with Johannes Kaminski - stay tuned. 

You can listen to Ö1 Radiokolleg either online here or at 92.00 wavelength on the earthly territory many humanoids call "Austria from 9:05-9:30 Monday to Thursday next week.