Samstag, 7. Januar 2017

Explosophy #2 - 2 Years Philosophy Unbound

Philosophy Unbound is excited to celebrate its second anniversary with its friends, supporters and adversaries. For this special occasion we are proud to announce the performances of Anna de Marco, Max Oravin and Iris Julian. These will be followed by our our very own Fernando Johansson Will and Kilian Jörg back to back in an open end DJ-Set.

14th of January 2017, 22h-7h
Venster99, Gürtelbogen 99, 1090 Wien

22:30  Oravin
Die Grenzbereiche zwischen Noise und elektronischer Tanzmusik, Singen und Sprechen, Sprache und Sprachlosigkeit erkundend, steht Oravin sowohl in der Tradition des deutschen New Wave als auch der österreichischen experimentellen Dichtung.

23:30  Anna de Marco

00:30 KLN b2b Fernando Johansson [Philosophy Unbound Berlin/Vienna]

22:00 - 04:00 “the in/visible club culture project”
Every hour there will be a performative intervention by
Iris Julian.

Doors 22:00

Entry: Free Donation - Suggestion 5€ (we are a No-Budget Organisation: everything will go to the performers)

Philosophy Unbound is a Vienna and Berlin based collective dedicated to open up new forms of and spaces for philosophy. For more information see: